Sunday, April 8, 2012


Do you ever feel like you get on a roll with your daily routines and habits but then you have to do something like leave the state for a few days and put everything on hold at home to take care of this other thing.

That is what I recently had to do.  I was comfortable, well as comfortable as one can get living in a new place for 2 weeks.  Then I had to leave for a few days.  I got into a routine and it was peaceful.  I really looked forward to the evenings because that meant peace and quiet.  My son would be sleeping and I could focus on God.  I would listen to Christian music, reflect on what's going on in my own life, then do some writing on the whole process.

This little 2 day trip screwed it all up.  I was not in my comfort zone to accomplish the aforementioned.  And boy did it make me uneasy.

Now I'm back at home attempting to get back into the "groove" of life again.  Tonight I am finding myself being frustrated because it feels different.  I really have no reason to be frustrated.  It's odd.  Does that mean God has something BIG planned for me or am I just having a hard time adjusting again??

Only time will tell.

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