Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Creation

How did God know the only way we would feel totally transformed is if we started from scratch again?  When the Bible talks about how we are a new creation in Christ Jesus He is not talking about it in a literal sense.  More specifically we are not re-born to our earthly mothers but reborn spiritually.  However, I think it's an interesting concept.  When we want to start a new adventure, a new relationship, or just a new way of life we use this term of starting over.

What does that look like to you??  Some people see it as a chance to get rid of all their earthly possessions and just buy new that coincides with their new life.  Others may not view this earthly possessions more than just things they need so they do not feel as tied to them emotionally.  What kind of person are you in this scenario?

I find myself in the middle.  I am not tied to any particular item.  Yes they would be nice to have so I won't have to go out later and rebuy it.  However, some people feel a deep sentimental value to that item and want to get rid of that item because they think it will get rid of the memory.

Whether that person destroys their own personal property because they think it will help them heal or cleanse their life of a particular person--I find it odd myself they think by getting rid of a physical decor that they will feel better and have closure over that relationship.

What is most important is the condition of the heart.  I believe the Bible wants you to be willing

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