Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Garden of Eden

Can you imagine was it must of been like to be Adam and Eve knowing you were being forced out of the Garden of Eden never to return again?  The thought alone overwhelms me.

We all have faced this "Garden "of Wholeness, Perfection and of Innocence.  Only to find out you are being forced to leave because of someones actions.

This idea of leaving the Garden is so frightening it makes me sick.  Like so physically sick I have to stop reading, to listening, praying, etc.  I believe that is where the proverbial wall has laid it's foundation separating us from the freedom, the comfort, and the love we can find in God.

It was the beginning of this horrific separation and oneness with God.  Knowing HE took care of everything and not worrying.  Total comfort!!  There was no fear because God was always there like an army ready for battle.  Knowing He would always be the Victory!

There is no place as perfect, as loving, as comforting as when we are in constant communion with our Heavenly Father.

However, what happened when Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden and also what consequences are we facing today because of it?  There are a lot of similarities with the Garden of Eden and our comfort of things like our parent's home.  Some of us  may say that was our Garden.  Of course nothing can ever replace the real Garden of Eden.  For those of us who say our Garden of Eden was the comfort and loving life of a parents house or what we thought was a loving life.  How are you able to walk away from this Garden?  Do you want the closeness you once had with God or are you content with walking away and never turning back?

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