Friday, April 6, 2012

Kindred Spirits

Do you ever have that feeling after talking to someone or hearing a conversation that the words (maybe even their testimony) speaks right to your heart?  I've had that experience lately.  It's so "in my face" I sometimes want to run in the opposite direction.  Not because this person isn't a great speaker or writer.  It is just so real.  My heart fills up with so much emotion I can barely take any more.  It is like someone reading your life from a book you never knew existed.  Furthermore, it is like they know what's on your heart and they are vocalizing it in ways you have only dreamed of.

I feel very similar to when God led me to Psalm 139.  That Psalm saved my life and after reading it I knew God was right there with me because no one else would of known the feelings I had been going through.

Our testimonies are so powerful and it is a wonderful thing to share with one another because it does develop a bond between brothers and sisters of God.  Now I am no fool I know the light from these people I feel I have a kindred heart with, are actually being used by God in a marvelous way.

I am just blown away by the clarity in which I see and feel these things.

"God formed us for His pleasure, and so formed us that we as well as He can in divine communion enjoy the sweet and mysterious mingling of kindred personalities" -A.W. Tozer

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