Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who is Meant to be Courageous?

How unnatural is it for the single Mom to stand up and fill in for the courageous parent (Dad).  Those shoes were not meant for her to fill.  God has not equipped her to do this job like He has equipped men.  What is happening to our society that we allow the Dad to bow out of the picture all together and put all this responsibility on only the Mother.  The woman can only handle so much.  If Dad isn’t in the picture than what is expected of him?  What are his responsibilities as a Dad?  No wonder we have outspoken women mainly single moms who either turn into divas or think they are some top advisor to the world.  We have created this chaos because what else is the woman to do.  She sees no one else taking the initiative so she feels inclined about doing something.  After all she has little mouths to feed and characters to build.

Granted there are some outspoken women who are married and just don’t know when to let their husbands take the lead.  For the most part I feel this all stems from a reaction somewhere in their personal life where a father figure has left and now they feel no one else will fill that job vacancy so they better get on it.  When will this vicious cycle stop?  God created us for a particular job.  He equips, mentors, and gives us discernment for that particular task.  He does not do that for everyone.  We must humble ourselves and realize the job we have been chosen for.

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