Saturday, May 12, 2012

Corporate America Meets Apostle Paul

Recently I had the opportunity to start working at a large corporate office in telecommunications.  I cannot state any more details of my job since I would probably get fired due to confidentiality.  Anyway, this job has been a hard switch from what I am use to.  There are about 500 employees at my particular building.  At first I thought God why in the world am I here with this company.  What possible good can come out of this?  I am way outside of my comfort zone with this company and it is a daily challenge to learn what I need to know for my job.  My ideal job is working in the church either teaching or writing about biblical related topics to other women or some sort of encouragement.  This current job was a complete curveball and one I though God you must not be paying attention to how this job isn't an ideal fit for me.

This week at work a co-worker mentioned a particular product line available to certain customers but added she did not agree with it because it was unfair to the customers.  It was another example of companies just wanting to make an extra buck or two.  She then proceeded to say. “Well I believe all of us will have to answer to our actions”.  That particular statement stuck with me the rest of the day and here we are at 11pm at night and I cannot go to bed because I am still thinking about her statement. 

We all will have to give a statement of why we did certain things the way we did them.  Did we just follow someone else’s orders over fear of losing our job??  Not this lady.  She has a tenacious spirit for making a statement like this in a large corporate company that is worth billions of dollars.  She is always seeking the truth about a product line and giving us way more knowledge then we really need.  However, I admire her drive to get to the truth and not accept half answers. 

Customer service is such a huge part of our job where we work but what if we took this one step further.  What if we treated all our customers and clients as if we really were interested in their personal life.  Afterall, in my opinion I believe inherently we all want to feel needed and validated in life.  It does not matter what background you come from we all have some very basic needs.  What if we treated these people with real love as Apostle Paul teaches in the New Testament. 

As I was contemplating what my platform is for God to use to me I discovered it is right here.  This is my platform (at least for now).  To make people aware of how when we serve one another with getting these basic needs met how satisfied customers and clients would be with these large corporations (our boss).

What if these large corporations realized the meaning of hope, faith, and love, but the greatest one of these is love.  What if we started treating these customers with this great love?  Do you think they know what they are missing?

These large companies are realizing to compete in the Corporate world they need to have the best service.  Well how about if they treated their customers so good that the customer felt like they were as close as friends or better yet, family.

Now this does not mean sucking up to your client or making false promises.  It means taking a real interest for what is happening with your clients.  We all have issues going on in life and through these issues we can create kindred spirits. 

Many times I have prayed for God to break my heart for what breaks His and this time not only has he broke my heart but He is showing me the solution.

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