Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What is your Greatest Pursuit in Life?

My greatest pursuit in life is God.  

I purposed this question a few months ago when i asked the difference between pursuing and seeking God.  What are you doing?

Now I felt God guiding me to write about what is your motivation while you are pursuing your goal.  Is it the blessings themselves?  Are they becoming your motivating factor?   Blessings should be an effect from the blessings that come from God.  It should never feel like the end game.  We should never feel that we now are all set because we received this one blessing.  Blessing are awesome and they weren't mean for them to give you a false sense of security of independent strength.  

Yes we receive this awe-inspiring blessing does the blessing become a driving force or does it become a by product from obeying God's word and commands he has for his children.

God always wants to rescue us.  Our motivation should not be focused on the money he blesses us with or any other attractive blessing.  Our true pursuit and motivation should be to seek God more.  Can you imagine our Heavenly Father loves to bless us because he knows eventually we will come to him and really talk to Him.  The question are you going to Him because you love and adore your Heavenly Father?  Or is it because you need more blessings?  Do you receive the blessing and then when you feel your independent weakness setting it you realize how much you need God again.

In life our society has created this independent persona.  As if we only need ourselves to be strong and to "take on the world".  This is extremely sad because all my Brothers and Sisters know how much they need our Heavenly Father.  

To be honest I started writing this tonight after reflecting on all the wonderful blessings that have come into my life this weekend.  I must remember not to get caught up in the attractiveness of the gift but in the giver.  The Giver is the one I desire, the one I Love.  If anything I don't want these blessings to stop not because it means I get more things but because it means I will press into Gods word and His presence like never before.

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