Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Desire to Belong

As I read "The Inner Ring" a speech by C.S. Lewis I felt a kindred spirit with one of my favorite authors.  He touched on a major desire planted in all our hearts.  That desire is to feel like we belong.  I've been meditating on this subject for quite some time.  I have noticed how often people want to make connections with others.  I see it a lot with my job as we are in the business of helping others.  At times I talk to people that just want to tell you their story.  They just want to feel like someone cares about what they are dealing with.  It is with this deep desire to feel like we are "in the know".  As Lewis points out it is good to feel that you are "in the know" as it builds fellowship and connections with our fellow brothers and sisters.  We were created for relationship. 

I've lived in Colorado now for two months which has been a radical change from the tropical island we were on.  From a lush tropical landscape to a high desert climate.  I can imagine Adam and Eve felt the same as they walked out of the Garden of Eden.  They walked away from what they knew into unknown dangers and obstacles.

I have moved a lot throughout my life because I love change.  I don't like to get comfortable and laxidasical.  I love change because it always presents new challenges for me to be better.  Because of my desire for change I haven't felt really tied or close to a community in a long time.  For the first time in a long time it is nice to see people I know in the grocery store and for them to remember my name.  I value that sense of belonging.  Especially as I get older it is becoming more important.  My heart burns for that desire to be fulfilled. 

Our society has been engrossed with the idea that because you have been to places so radically different from where you grew up, that somehow equals success.  As I'm sure we have all heard someone say, "Wow he/she is really going places".  Where is the value in going to these places?  Is it to pride ourselves on tropical islands or obscure cultures?  Somehow the unfamiliar has become a pursuit.  That being said I like to experience the unfamiliar but I think we have to look at our motive for this pursuit.

"Is it for His glory or for yours"?

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