Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Night

I feel there is a peace that comes from the night.  Most people are asleep and it just feels so quiet and perfect.

In that darkness some people get scared because of the absence of light.  However, it is a wonderful break in that light that we are tempted and can see the fruits of our labor.  It also makes you realize how much you miss that light.  How much you miss the warmth on your face when basking in God's glory, in His will.

The night can be very lonely thinking about what is next in your life and more importantly where are you at right now.

I love writing at night because it gives me that peaceful atmosphere that I need to concentrate.  However, this also reminds me how I can't shut everyone out of my life.  I need to jump in feet first and experience life.  I think i love writing at night because it is some sort of protection from others critizing me.  The whole time I am just in the deep pursuit of God's presence.

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