Tuesday, March 13, 2012

War is hell

Today I heard one of the saddest news reports I've heard in while.  A soldier opened fire on some civilians in Afghanistan.  As if what he did was not horrible enough I was even more heartbroken after reading about his personal trauma.  He suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) a few years ago and his family life is a "struggle".

This is a news report that I feel God is truly breaking my heart possibly to make others aware of.  One subject I never wrote about on my other blog (http://thelifeofausmcwife.blogspot.com/) but I will be doing on this one is about combat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

PTSD has severely changed my life at a very deep level I can't quite put it into words for people to grasp the depth.  Now, I am not a Dr. and I am not saying this soldier has PTSD however he did have a TBI and depending on the severity of his injury it is sad he was given a "fit for duty" status as a sniper so soon.

My question is what is it going to take for our military and really all Americans to realize how serious issues like PTSD and TBI's are??  We can't expect our military to be "super soldiers" especially if our government isn't going to provide the care they need.  War is hell!!  The war does not stay in Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever the deployment occurs.  This war comes home and it effects our military members and their families.


  1. I have had to deal with in my youth PTSD, from my father having it. It was something later on I seemed to find a lot of my friends had it in college. I was just a person they could come to, I suppose that was from growing up with it. I have a dear friend with PTSD and I found it is very easy for them to put a smile on their face and get labeled as "fit for duty" but yet inside be tore up.

    My husband has had PTSD from being in Iraq when he was in the Army. In talking with his sister now she will say things like "I don't see why you couldn't get over it like ___ did" and name someone who had a quicker recovery. It shocked me that she has known people with it but doesn't understand it. My husband is thankful I understand it and so are my friends.

    It just doesn't affect families after they come home, but years later as well...

  2. I agree Mrs. Y. It is a lifelong battle and everyone heals at a different pace. Even close family members or close friends like yours find it hard to understand but I'm glad you have some good support.

  3. I completely agree with you. When I read some articles about the whole situation it made me want to throw up. It is so heartbreaking. This young man should never have been labeled as "fit for duty" in the first place. Even worse that women and children had to die because he had not been given the help or support he needed. I pray for him and all the people involved.