Friday, October 26, 2012

The Road is Narrow

We don't go through pain for the sake of just being in pain.  We experience pain for God's glory.  Our pain has a purpose but during that gut wrenching redefining process we can't see far enough down the road to see the reason for that pain nor the beauty and comfort that awaits us.

I'd rather experience pain with a purpose and that is why I lay all my troubles---all of my hurts at His feet.  For when I do He takes my mess and restores me in such a way that my box-like thinking can't comprehend.

Jeremiah 30 says "Restoration is Promised".  No where does it say that restoration is possible---but that it's promised.  If God cared enough for the people of Israel how much more do you think He cares for you.

Further, we are under a covenant called prevenient grace which means that before a man could seek God, God must of first sought out man.  God knew this before drawing Himself to us with a specific purpose in mind.  Surely, if God cared enough to seek man, He cares enough to restore the man He has created.

This road is narrow which also means the pursuit of God is as intense as a narrow, steep path rounding the most challenging mountain.  It is dangerous with a lot of risks but once you reach the end of the road you will see why it had to be so.

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