Monday, September 17, 2012

Why Do We See Blue?

While this title may seem elementary how easily can you answer this question?  When we look into the sky we see blue.  Scientists tell us it is because the color blue is reflected easier than any other color.  So the sky is not actually blue it is only because of the way we see things that it appears blue to us.  However, I think it goes farther than that.  I find it beautiful that of all the colors God created, it is blue that we see when we look up into the sky.

There is no doubt we have an intelligent creator.  He created us with such precision even our eyes see only what He designed them to see.  I will talk about that more later but for a minute I wanted to point out some biblical truths about the colors blue and red.

Biblical references to the color blue include:
-Signifies life (mostly in the form of water)
-Reminders of heaven and refers to Jesus as the Son of God who came down from Heaven reflected in the book of John.
-Represents the righteousness of God, Heavenly Grace, Holiness, and Gods Commands.
-Color is worn by servants.
-The book of Numbers describes the instruction and importance of blue as hanging curtains, ropes, and other coverings.

Biblical references to the color red include:
-Color of sin/death
-Represents war or battle
-Also may represent richness

We know these colors have meanings because as we see in the books of Numbers and Leviticus, colors have a specific meaning as do numbers.  God's instructions in Leviticus were very specific and it was for good reason.  We can see in these books alone the beauty of God's instruction.  Even looking at the original Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek we can see a letter did not exist without a corresponding number.

In researching the color blue and red I couldn't help but think of medical textbooks where oxygenated blood is in red and deoxygenated blood is in blue.  This means this blue blood represents blood in an organic state that is being transported to be transformed by the HEART!

We know that our blood is red.  That is just a fact!  However, when we look at the veins on our skin we only see blue.  Even when our skin is bruised we only see blue or different varying colors of blue, green, and yellow.  As I mentioned above blue is symbolic to life.  All life is surrounded by blue whether it is land based or in water.  Life does not exist without water or the covering of the sky.

Blue represents life, His protection--His covering, His presence, and His love for His children.  He loves us all so much that we wants to give us real physical proof of how much he desires us as His children. We see what red and blue portray and must realize as the Bible states, God wants us to gaze up into the heavens and see His Commands, His Holiness, His Perfection, and His Forgiveness.  We don't need to look down upon ourselves and see the sin in our own body.  Jesus came to take away this sin so you could focus your attention on the beauty of life.

How beautiful that we were created this way.  We can expect to see physical evidence of His undying love for His children in all things.  The question is how much digging are you willing to do?

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